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In a society striving for equality and justice, the ‘Come Meet A Black Person‘ (CMABP) initiative has taken a significant step forward in the fight against racism with the launch of their Racism Incident Reporting portal. This groundbreaking online platform provides individuals across the United States and beyond with an accessible avenue to report incidents of racism they have experienced in various areas of their lives.

The CMABP Racism Incident Reporting portal offers a streamlined process for reporting incidents encountered while shopping, on the job, interacting with law enforcement, in housing, in a restaurant, at school, in government services, and more. By collecting these reports, CMABP aims to shed light on the pervasive issue of racism and work towards finding effective solutions.

Upon submitting a report through the portal, individuals can expect swift action from CMABP’s dedicated anti-racism advocacy teams. These teams, stationed across the country, are committed to investigating each incident thoroughly and providing guidance and referrals to support individuals in resolving the issue and obtaining reparations for any damage caused.

The CMABP organization believes that every incident of racism deserves attention and action. By launching the Racism Incident Reporting portal, they aim to empower individuals to speak up against racism while equipping them with the necessary resources to effectively address their concerns.

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