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In our current divisive climate as a nation, isn’t it about time we begin a real and positive dialogue?  We need to counter this negative movement seen in recent news with the examples of Charlottesville, VA, Charleston, SC  and Portland, OR, which have only shed a light on what has been swept under the rug since the beginning of this country.

Some of these racially motivated incidents feel like we’re still living in 1955 and not 2017. Perhaps the reason for this is in the 2013 study done by the Public Religion Research Institute that shows 75% of Caucasians do not have friends that are non-white.

We, the Change Warriors of “Come Meet a Black Person” movement, want to take a step to help bridge this divide through ongoing dialogues in communities all across the nation. The purpose of these events are to have a genuine conversation with someone different. We are not talking about casual wave to a neighbor or acknowledgement of a colleague, but real active engagement where we actually talk and get to know other people different from ourselves.

You also just might make a new friend. If we could just recognize the humanity in all of us whether we are green, purple, straight or LGBTQ, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, then maybe we can coexist and save innocent lives. We invite everyone to be a Change Warrior. We are willing to start the healing…are you?

Founder and Change Warrior
Cheryle Renee Moses

Change Warriors
Marvin Lowe
Chase Ramseur
Redelia D. Shaw
Nora West

4 Comments on “About Us”

  1. Amazing initiative.

    I am white and live in Ottawa Canada. I have spent most of my career working and living off-shore and was blessed with the opportunity to live and work with people of many different races, religions and cultures.

    For me I just do not understand racism. All people appreciate a good joke, a sincere hug and a pat on the back. We are all the same.

    I am retired now and no longer have the opportunity to interface with other peoples and cultures as I used to. I too have no close black friends, but would like to. I miss the fun we shared and the learning I experienced.

    I hope your initiative comes to Canada. I think it is an amazing start and could go a long way to giving people in North America the fulfilling experiences I was so fortunate to have.


    1. Greetings Ross! Thank you for the encouraging words! You rock! Would love to come to Canada and am putting together places to bring the event! I am determining the initial tour locations based on comments from Change Warriors such as yourself. Peace and blessings, and I look forward to seeing you soon so I can give you a big hug Ross!

      1. Thanks for the response Cheryle. The world needs more of you. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. I would love to meet you and that big hug would be warmly returned.

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